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WI-FI Connection

It allows access to the washer machine from a smartphone or tablet to select the washing cycles, start the process, stop it, receive notifications about the status of tasks and predictive maintenance messages.

Predictive Maintenance

When there is any fault, the washer advices you with a message to your Smartphone or Tablet, and in the display of the appliance. Besides, it gives a tutorial with possible solutions.

Light inside the drum

and Sound signals to interact with users.

Customized wash

You can build your own laundry routine and activate it just by touching a button.

LCD Display with touch screen

and very intuitive.

Extra large door

with instant opening and 180º.

High drum

Improved ergonomics for easier access.

Revolutionary BLDC Motor

Very quiet and thrifty: it saves a 20% compared with an A class engine.


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8.14 wbg y 8.14 wcr